The electrochemical artworks of Dr Richard Brown.

My electrochemical artworks evolve slowly over time, constantly changing hour by hour, day to day.

I create the initial conditions for the work to begin, what happens next, the emergent forms and colours are unexpected and surprising, a pleasure to witness and to contemplate the changes that occur over the passage of time.

The works encapsulate an alchemy of science and art, where principles of electricity and chemical reactions between metals in a conductive fluid generate the vivid cupric and ferrous colours, reminiscent of the sky, landscapes and sea around the coasts of Cornwall.

Cornwall is known for its copper mines, Redruth where I now live is surrounded by an industrial heritage of mining in the Great Flat Lode.

“Located on the Great Flat Lode, a rich and accessible body of copper and tin ore, and just three miles from port of Portreath, Redruth was home to the full range of mining society. Walk along the residential areas to the south of the town centre, and you will be welcomed by the grand Victorian architecture which was home to mine owners and others who had profited from Cornish tin.”

Cornish minerals inspire the underlying alchemy driving my creations.

The photograph above is of one specimen from the amazing display of Cornish minerals in The Rashleigh Collection, collected by Philip Rashleigh (1729 – 1811) at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro. More details here:

The image below illustrates an early work, The Electrochemical Glass, created in 1997 which continues to evolve to this day, 24/1/2020, 23 years later.

The Electrochemical Glass: 1997 – 2020

Time lapse of an electrochemical reaction showing the fluidic formations of cupric pigments and copper dendrites.

In March 2020, I began to create a new series of works on canvas, stopping the reactions and then varnishing the work to create a series of ‘electrochemical paintings’ –  https://theartifactsofdrb.com/electrochemical-paintings/

A number of these will be for sale during the #openstudioscornwall


Cornwall Open Studios 2022

Works in progress:

Electrochemical landscape’ 25/02/2022
30th April 2022

(More ‘E-scapes’ here)

Evolving Pyramid 07/01/2022
‘As Above; So Below’ 21/03/2023

Please view Blog for ongoing updates!

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