My work explores differing ways of perceiving the interconnected phenomena of space, time and energy.

Emergence, interactivity, process and transformation are at the heart of my explorations and I draw inspiration from Nature, Science and texts on Alchemy, the Fourth Dimension and the Uncanny.

I express my ideas using a variety of media, including interactive real-time 3D computer graphics, kinetics, high-voltage electricity and electrochemistry.

I have a hybrid background in the arts and sciences, a degree in Computers & Cybernetics (1977) and an MA in Fine Art (1995). More recently I completed a PhD investigating live performance, projection and gaming technologies – “An Investigation of Performative Interaction and Performer Embodiment on an Augmented Stage”.

I have studied and worked at the Royal College of Art, I have been a Research Fellow at Edinburgh School of Informatics, Falmouth University and a NESTA Fellow. (National Endowment for Science,Technology and the Arts).

My interactive installations have been exhibited internationally in Australia, Brazil and the States as well as in the UK and Europe. The most popular work I created is the Mimetic Starfish which featured in the Mind Zone of The Millennium Dome (“Best thing in the Dome”, Times 2000).